Services offered at GYM37 are incomparable to that of any other gym.  We’ve designed the gym to tailor what an athlete really needs.  We offer valet parking and a dedicated elevator to whisk you away to your workout within 90 seconds of your arrival.  A personal butler awaits you and is trained to take care of your every need from a drink in his hand to booking your next flight.  Please hand him your clothes and he’ll iron them for you during your workout.  Upon completion, give the butler your exercise clothes and they’ll be laundered and ready for you the next day.  We’ve created the ultimate gym for the busy-bee who needs some attention to make their day a little more manageable.

Our exclusive unmatched services include

- Valet Parking - We park for you, our valet service ensures that you arrive at your gym, stress free, never have to worry about parking spots. Your car will be waiting for you downstairs as soon as you are finished with your workout.

- Personal Butler - Our butlers are trained to ensure that your every need is taken care of while you are at the gym.

- Towels And Refreshments - Personalized towels and refreshments will be provided by the gym upon your arrival

- Shirt Press - We have in-house shirt press services, you can leave your shirt on arrival to have it ready ironed when you finish your gym

- Complimentary Laundry - We take care of all laundry needs through our overnight laundry service.

- Personal Concierge - Our personal concierge services takes care of all your personal concierge services from booking a flight to decaf espresso.

- Entertainment - Our state of art entertainment systems, uninterrupted on-demand TV, radio and social media provide you with the best entertainment services exclusive to you, just plug in your phone and get ready to make the gym yours

Some of the personal fitness services, we provide include

- Personal Training - Core, strength, diet and stamina training. We ensure that you have a truly rewarding all round fitness At The Gym.

- Nutrition Consultation- Our In-House nutritionists provide custom nutrition plans based nn one's lifestyle, current fitness and fitness goals. We ensure that all our members be provided with the best guidance on how to achieve their goals.

- Group Exercises - We arrange for small group exercises and arrange group exercises for teams with similar fitness goals

- Martial Arts - We provide martial arts training as part of our core fitness training.

- Special Focus Training - Whether you wish to take part in body building competition or mountaineering to long distance running; whatever be your goals, We tailor your sessions focused on your goals. let us help you achieve your goals..

- Training With Celebrity - We provide celebrity trainer sessions, Where you can train with trainers who have helped sportsmen and celebrities attain their goals.

- Fitness Tracking - We track your fitness electronically and follow up on your fitness in consultation with our medical professionals and experienced trainers.